-prioritize / focus / time management
-get clothes tailored

Focus on running:
- break 3:20 in marathon
- half marathon sub-1:32

Running Process Resolutions:

- stretch after every run 
- pushups every day 
- more strength training 
- keep a training log 
- more easy running

Develop blog as a business
-network / outreach

Blog Process Resolutions:

-at least 5 posts/week
-further develop my voice, aesthetic & point of view

Inevitably this post on resolutions is going to turn into a discussion on time management, discipline and self-respect.  And turning 30 in less than a month. All seemingly separate concepts that have somehow encircled me like Frankenstein vines of my own creation that, ironically, were meant to set me free but are now gradually squeezing the life out of me.

You see, I created this blog because I know I have more to offer the world, or at least myself. I love design and I have really good taste (if I do say so myself... and you know I always do say so) but until about 6 months ago that didn't really mean anything. I don't have an art degree, I didn't have an influential friend to vouch for me or even a non-influential one. But that's never stopped me before... so I decided to make something from nothing and started this blog.

And it has been amazing and fulfilling and humbling and really fucking hard. Looking at a blog as more than a "blog;" as an opportunity toward your future isn't easy; you have to devote the attention and discipline to see it through. And I know I've been less than stellar on the discipline because, well, I'm a lousy employee to myself and a really lenient boss to myself. It's not like you, my readers, are going to tell me to get my ass in gear- that's not your job. And I'm never going to fire myself. But I want to honor my business relationship with myself this year.

So part of learning discipline and self-respect, and part of growing up, is focusing. This year I need to close of flood gates of self-improvement that unlatch every January 1st upon my consciousness (I'd really like to buy a neon bra and have abs and someday I want to write a spec script for Girls and I want to learn how to sew, or at least know someone who knows how to sew and learn how to cook so my mother will stop pitying my husband...).

So I've made some decisions:
1.) I am running the Boston Marathon on April 15th- this is a commitment I have earned by qualifying for this race in 2010, and then again in 2011. I was signed up to run last year's race a week before my wedding (hello? time management?) but dropped out two days before the race due to the projected 90 degree temps on race day. It's very important to me that I have a good race, after having a lousy running season last year.

2.) I am an all or nothing type of person. Commitment and focus go hand-in-hand for me. And I can't focus really well on two things at a time. Last year was a perfect example of why this doesn't work; I bounced between focusing on running and focusing on blogging about one week at a time, and both suffered as a result.

3.) Therefore, I'm doing resolutions differently this year. I'm splitting them up. I have decided to prioritize my running for the next few months until April 15th. I will kick ass in the Boston Marathon and THEN I will turn my efforts toward this blog with a renewed sense of focus and commitment. I hope you'll wait for me!

4.) And finally, I will go to the tailor more. That is all.

I'll still post here and there over the winter, but I'm allowing myself to be a lame blogger for the time-being. Another contributing factor to this is that I've started contributing to Curbed, and I would like to not suck.

30 is the new 40 people; time for me to grow up just enough to start dying my hair, paying my taxes on time and setting attainable goals. It's the best I can do- and I owe it to my future rich bitch self. Continuously falling short of our own expectations is damaging to our emotional and mental health, and I'm just getting too damn old to put up with someone telling me I'm not good enough to succeed, especially if that someone happens to be my own inner demons.

Here's to 2013- the luckiest fucking year of the century!

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