The One That Got Away

Do you do the flash sale thing?

I'm a big fan of One Kings Lane- they do online vintage for normal people (as opposed to 1st Dibs, which is for Gwyneth Paltrow & Ann Romney).  Not to brag, but I swear I'm one the OG's of the site.  I was all over that ish like years ago.

Anyways, I usually forget to check the site RIGHT AWAY IMMEDIATELY because, uh, remarkably I don't spend every waking moment in front of my computer.  So of course by the time I get around to looking, someone harder, better, faster, stronger has already gone and scooped up the awesomeness that should have been mine:

Gone in 60 seconds
This vintage marble & brass table sold for $500.  Yeah, not like dirt cheap but marble & brass are my cocaine & heroine cocktail.  Could I afford this right now (the week after I bought this)?  Not really.  But do smack addicts ever let that stop them?

If it can't be mine, I hope this table went to a good home.  Preferably handsome European transplants who read The Economist and only drink champagne.

What about you?  Still longing for the One That Got Away?  What was it?  How'd it happen?  Ebay? Craigslist? Gun-shy at the sale?  Trust me, it helps to talk about it. 
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I judge Emmy Best Dressed lists like other people judge Emmy dresses.  Any celebrity can fall victim to ass-kissing stylist syndrome, but if you think this dress belongs on the best dressed list, then YOU are the problem.

It's moments like these when I just have to ask, if this dress was on Project Runway, What Would Michael Kors Say?

"She looks like Julia Child in mourning"

"It looks like some sugar plum fairies may come prancing out of her skirt any moment"

"Somewhere there's a curtain store that just sold out of fabric"

"MOB meets Cookie Monster"

What do YOU think Michael Kors would say?  Help me come up with some more.

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What I Did This Weekend

What I Did This Weekend in 4 Episodes

Saturday- The C-Word

Saturday morning marked the grand opening of the C. Wonder at Columbus Circle, so I decided to check it out.  If you're familiar, C. Wonder is a clothing/homewares store that a lot of ladies have been losing their shit over ever since they opened their first store in Soho last year.  I am not insanely in love with their stuff, it's a little too Sorority in the City for me, BUT they have this:


I really want it.  Why?  Check out my Hot Pink post & you'll know.  The Grand Opening promised treats, prize drawings and "mystery gift cards to the first 300 customers" so I thought, anything that makes this less than $98 has to be good, right?

So a little background on me: I'm not really the "shopping party" type and I hate crowds and lines (wait, why do I live in NYC?).  But for a gift card and the chance to get something I already wanted, I swallowed my pride, joined the 150-person line that had formed BEFORE 10am and prayed I wouldn't see anyone I knew.  A too-cool image is very fragile, ya know?

15 minutes later: Cut to me hiding in the corner of the store eating free candy and just trying not to get body checked by the monogrammed masses, clutching my $5 no-longer-a-mystery-gift card.  One of the salespeople, reading my mixed expression of social anxiety and disappointment, felt the need to ask me if I was OK.

All in all, it was generally a waste of my time.  C. WordWonder is on my S-list and I was too annoyed to buy the tray.

Sunday- Seventh Heaven

After such an unsuccessful Saturday, I needed some divine intervention to renew my faith in the Office Redo Gods.  I found it at Organic Modernism, one of my favorite furniture stores in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I had merely stopped by to ogle a few pieces I've had my eye on, and ask some questions.  But then the next thing I knew, there I was, talking to the owners about the Alma Brass chair and lo and behold, they offered me a $200 discount.  People, if someone offers you a 33% discount, you take it, right?!!!

She's home now, already covered in cat hair just like God intended.


Sunday- The Emmy's

Sunday night my show had a black tie Emmy's party.  The show had been nominated but we didn't win.  My husband's show won.  So really I won too.  Because Jon is a winner.  I got to wear a silver silk charmeuse dress I bought on an impulse 5 years ago and never worn.  I also got to break the news about the chair to Jon at the party.  A little booze never hurts when discussing impulse purchases.


Monday- The Office

Don't try to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden or the Brooklyn Museum on your day off Monday.  They're closed.  In fact, don't try to get any type of culture at all, culture is closed on Mondays.  Instead, go to Allswell in Williamsburg for brunch.  Order the Crispy Chicken Sandwich.  And be happy that not being in the office has been instrumental in completing your home office redo this weekend.

The End.  

No wait, actually:

To Be Continued...

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Hot Pink

This post makes the necessary assumption that everyone wants a little hot pink and lucite (or acrylic, or glass) in their life.  After seeing pics like these, I'm totally on board:

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Project Runway Season 10 Recap- Episode 10

Bitch Slap That Bitch

After last week's goodbye to Gunnar, we're down to 7 designers!

All photos courtesy of Lifetime

This week the designers are sent to Radio City Music Hall and before we see a single kick ball change, we all know they'll be designing for the Rockettes.  Tim Gunn explains the specifics: a new costume for the Rockettes that can be worn year-round and that is practical and modern.  The winning design will actually be produced and worn by the Rockettes!

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Recap Coming!!!

Sorry for the delay- I've been rioting other riots.

Recap coming soon!

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Do I want this?

I do love Pandas, guns and Banksy, not necessarily in that order.
And it's $25 today.

But I don't love wall decals.  

But I could probably find a place for him.  He would need a name.


Help me decide!  And name suggestions are always welcome.
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Please Excuse...

... Riot for Design is getting a bit of a spruce up!

If you haven't already noticed, RfD is in the process of becoming more awesome.  I can't promise it will be an ambi-turner, though.

In the meantime, I just wanted to thank you all for visiting the blog and for all the amazing feedback & comments I've received so far!  Your awesomeness precedes you.

If you haven't already done so, get your pretty little butt over to the right sidebar and follow Riot For Design!  There are a couple ways to do so now: through becoming a member, or through subscribing to the RSS feed so you'll be able to riot whenever you want!  

And trust me, daily rioting is not only recommended, but encouraged by your doctors; rioting for design, that is (supposedly there are some pretty terrible things going on in the world being labeled as "rioting" but damn, the only thing that makes me want to riot is really. amazing. design.)

Like this:

And this:
Michael Kors Spring 2013

And this:

And this:
And this:

And this:

Join the fun!  Riot on.

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Tuesday Trend- Seeing Spots

This season I've been seeing spots wherever I look- not only are they all over the fashion magazines & runways, but the trend has definitely extended to interior design as well.
Animal prints are my neutral.  I love them and I don't care that if they're not real, or if they're not fake, or if they're vegan or gluten free or whatever the current position de mode is on animal products.  All I care about is that they're AWESOME and can add texture and interest to any room, so long as you have taste.  Cause them spots can look crazy tacky if you suck at decorating.

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite hotty spotties.  Leopard prints, pony hair, cowhides, just plain ol' spots, whatevs:


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1% Decor

Hi All!  Buffy here (and by "here" I mean my yacht off the coast of St. Barth's)

Having a tough time figuring out ways to spend your husband's Wall Street bonus?  Haven't we all been there!  Let me tell you, sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day!

One-of-a-kind design, priceless art and antiques can get so dull, can't they? Sometimes we just need stuff that looks cheap but costs a shitload.  After all, how else can we paradoxically mock the very commercialism we adore?

Jeeves Bowler Hat Pendant

Couldn't someone, with the slightest ounce of creativity buy a bowler hat and a black lighting cord?  Sure!  But for $569 we don't have to!

Letterpress Art
This is LETTERPRESS, that's why it costs $695.

Beautifully Broken Vases

Vases that save you the trouble of breaking them!  $490 for the small, $1150 for the medium and $1395 for the large!

Oh, and don't forget this table that I posted a couple weeks ago!  Buying a separate little white table and candlestick seems so tedious.

Oh the possibilities are endless!

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Project Runway Season 10 Recap- Episode 9

The Truth Shall Set You Free

It's Fashion Week, which means Project Runway is halfway over already!  It also means the Project Runway winner has already been selected!  Earlier this week the remaining 8 contestants all showed fashion week collections; 5 dummy collections to plus the top 3 finalists.  Let the spoilers begin!  I'm trying my best to avoid any pictures of the show, seeing as how my superior eye would surely be able to identify the finalists.

Back to the episode, the designers are pouring one out for their homies (last week we said goodbye to our favorite granola, Alicia) and fearing who will be the next to fall.  Off camera, the designers are suspicious of Christopher AKA Ted Bundy and his involvement in the disapperance of not one but TWO former contestants.  Sensing this discord, Christopher claims he's scared for who's going to go home next, but I'm not buying it.  Christopher's not going home any time soon.

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Florence Welch

Sound Check Chic

Florence and the Machine performed on the show last night.  I'm a big fan of their music and have a huge girl crush on lead singer Florence Welch.  She's the coolest ginger I know.  And that's saying a lot considering Amy Adams was ALSO on the show last night.

I adore Florence's style; it perfectly reflects her music to the point where I swear I wasn't surprised to see what she looked like because I felt like I already knew.  Her look is "Boho Glam" and I think she must have sold her soul to the vintage devil because everything she wears looks one-of-a-kind and nothing short of precious.  Here's a few shots of Flo (once you've looked through ALL of her Facebook photos, you get to call her Flo) and her iconic style:
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Minä Perhonen

OK so I need to go to Tokyo, like now.

I just discovered the charming textiles of Minä Perhonen, and as far as I can tell, they are not sold anywhere here in the US.

Unforgettable Moment
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Tuesday Shoesday- Fall Update

My shoe wardrobe needs some updates for Fall.  I need some studly slippers, funky booties, a wild spotted print, a little neon suede, berry-hued brogues, silver skimmers and something gold and fabulous.  Remarkably, I don't have $5,000 to spend on shoes this fall, so I needed to find cheaper versions.  Here are my Lusts, and my Musts:

Lusts: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
Musts: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

 So those Stella McCartneys are amazing and really one-of-a-kind.  However, I thought you could add some Half Pretties (i.e. black foot lingerie) to your basic gold pump and get a similar affect.  What do you think?  Creative?  Desperate?  I don't mind looking either way, so I'd totally give it a try.

Do you have any excellent shoe resources?  I'd love to hear about them!

Oh, and if you can afford all the shoes in the "Lust" list, might I suggest these slippers?

Riot On!

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Project Runway Season 10 Recap- Episode 8

Conventions of Democracy

Last week NO ONE went home and Christopher, AKA Ted Bundy, is furious.  You can bet your ass he'll make sure that won't happen again this week.  Just ask Andrea and Kooan (too soon?).

All photos courtesy of Lifetime

This week the producers of Project Runway have officially run out of money.  Their budget was supposed to last for the entirety of the season, but between Ven's insatiable ego and Nina's insistence that everything look "expensive," including the toilet paper and chicken caesar salad, the producers found themselves flat broke by episode 8.  Fear not!  Nothing can stop the show!  Tim Gunn holds up the Michael's on 100th St. at "Gunnpoint" and makes it back to Parsons with a shitload of puffy paint and t-shirts.

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Bad Bad Blogger

Sorry for the lack of posting over the past couple days.  Life has been demanding me in non-blogging ways.  This week I'm a single mom.  "Single" in that Jon is out of town and "mom" to a very demanding white cat.

Also, I'm getting to the height of my Chicago marathon training.  I'm running in the sweaty, moldy sun for HOURS people.  Cut me some slack.

And on that note... WHAT, IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE FALL NOW?!!!  Labor Day was 90 degrees and yet we're all supposed to wake up on September 4th and go, 'OK now onto Fall, let's buy some wool!'

Let me think about the absolute last thing I want to be wearing right now:

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Parenting Advice

Teach your kids to color on walls...

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You and Me and our $10,000 Table

Everyone loves a nice white circular table.  Meet the You and Me table by Italian artist and designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for sale on the Anthropologie website.  It's a chic, tiny table with a built-in candlestick and a name that implies simplicity and humility- all for the simple price of $9,800.  

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