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Hi All!  Buffy here (and by "here" I mean my yacht off the coast of St. Barth's)

Having a tough time figuring out ways to spend your husband's Wall Street bonus?  Haven't we all been there!  Let me tell you, sometimes there's just not enough hours in the day!

One-of-a-kind design, priceless art and antiques can get so dull, can't they? Sometimes we just need stuff that looks cheap but costs a shitload.  After all, how else can we paradoxically mock the very commercialism we adore?

Jeeves Bowler Hat Pendant

Couldn't someone, with the slightest ounce of creativity buy a bowler hat and a black lighting cord?  Sure!  But for $569 we don't have to!

Letterpress Art
This is LETTERPRESS, that's why it costs $695.

Beautifully Broken Vases

Vases that save you the trouble of breaking them!  $490 for the small, $1150 for the medium and $1395 for the large!

Oh, and don't forget this table that I posted a couple weeks ago!  Buying a separate little white table and candlestick seems so tedious.

Oh the possibilities are endless!

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