What I Did This Weekend

What I Did This Weekend in 4 Episodes

Saturday- The C-Word

Saturday morning marked the grand opening of the C. Wonder at Columbus Circle, so I decided to check it out.  If you're familiar, C. Wonder is a clothing/homewares store that a lot of ladies have been losing their shit over ever since they opened their first store in Soho last year.  I am not insanely in love with their stuff, it's a little too Sorority in the City for me, BUT they have this:


I really want it.  Why?  Check out my Hot Pink post & you'll know.  The Grand Opening promised treats, prize drawings and "mystery gift cards to the first 300 customers" so I thought, anything that makes this less than $98 has to be good, right?

So a little background on me: I'm not really the "shopping party" type and I hate crowds and lines (wait, why do I live in NYC?).  But for a gift card and the chance to get something I already wanted, I swallowed my pride, joined the 150-person line that had formed BEFORE 10am and prayed I wouldn't see anyone I knew.  A too-cool image is very fragile, ya know?

15 minutes later: Cut to me hiding in the corner of the store eating free candy and just trying not to get body checked by the monogrammed masses, clutching my $5 no-longer-a-mystery-gift card.  One of the salespeople, reading my mixed expression of social anxiety and disappointment, felt the need to ask me if I was OK.

All in all, it was generally a waste of my time.  C. WordWonder is on my S-list and I was too annoyed to buy the tray.

Sunday- Seventh Heaven

After such an unsuccessful Saturday, I needed some divine intervention to renew my faith in the Office Redo Gods.  I found it at Organic Modernism, one of my favorite furniture stores in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I had merely stopped by to ogle a few pieces I've had my eye on, and ask some questions.  But then the next thing I knew, there I was, talking to the owners about the Alma Brass chair and lo and behold, they offered me a $200 discount.  People, if someone offers you a 33% discount, you take it, right?!!!

She's home now, already covered in cat hair just like God intended.


Sunday- The Emmy's

Sunday night my show had a black tie Emmy's party.  The show had been nominated but we didn't win.  My husband's show won.  So really I won too.  Because Jon is a winner.  I got to wear a silver silk charmeuse dress I bought on an impulse 5 years ago and never worn.  I also got to break the news about the chair to Jon at the party.  A little booze never hurts when discussing impulse purchases.


Monday- The Office

Don't try to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden or the Brooklyn Museum on your day off Monday.  They're closed.  In fact, don't try to get any type of culture at all, culture is closed on Mondays.  Instead, go to Allswell in Williamsburg for brunch.  Order the Crispy Chicken Sandwich.  And be happy that not being in the office has been instrumental in completing your home office redo this weekend.

The End.  

No wait, actually:

To Be Continued...

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Lee Turner said...

I really wish I had seen you in line at Columbus Circle... :)

Beth said...

I guess you'll just have to settle for the visual image :)

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