The One That Got Away

Do you do the flash sale thing?

I'm a big fan of One Kings Lane- they do online vintage for normal people (as opposed to 1st Dibs, which is for Gwyneth Paltrow & Ann Romney).  Not to brag, but I swear I'm one the OG's of the site.  I was all over that ish like years ago.

Anyways, I usually forget to check the site RIGHT AWAY IMMEDIATELY because, uh, remarkably I don't spend every waking moment in front of my computer.  So of course by the time I get around to looking, someone harder, better, faster, stronger has already gone and scooped up the awesomeness that should have been mine:

Gone in 60 seconds
This vintage marble & brass table sold for $500.  Yeah, not like dirt cheap but marble & brass are my cocaine & heroine cocktail.  Could I afford this right now (the week after I bought this)?  Not really.  But do smack addicts ever let that stop them?

If it can't be mine, I hope this table went to a good home.  Preferably handsome European transplants who read The Economist and only drink champagne.

What about you?  Still longing for the One That Got Away?  What was it?  How'd it happen?  Ebay? Craigslist? Gun-shy at the sale?  Trust me, it helps to talk about it. 
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