Why Do I Love The Most Impractical Things?!

Haider Ackermann Slit Front Long Skirt via Barney's

A skirt with a train. In NYC. Don't even look at the price.

Where to wear: Photo shoots, sterile operating rooms and 5-star hotels.


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Paris Flea Market Style

A week or so ago I received my pre-ordered copy of Paris Flea Market Style by Claudia Strasser (of the site / blog The Paris Aparment).

I first heard of Claudia through her online boutique, which has some of the most amazing French antique finds- they are truly from a fantasy. And of course, the first question on my mind was, "Where did she find these amazing things?"

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9 Things the Internet Loves that I'm Not So Sure About

I follow the lifestyle mags / blogs / Pinterest world like a drug-crazed fiend (but in a good way). Those of us who are hooked on pictures of pretty things tend to follow trends, which is inevitable. But sometimes I just can't seem to get on the bandwagon. Here are 9 things the Internet-loving universe is all crazy over that I'm just not sold on...

Argan Oil

So many bloggers / beauty editors rave about this product that I threw caution to the wind & bought a full-size bottle of this schtuff for $50 at Sephora. It's touted as an anti-aging, moisturizing, conditioning, miracle-working, unicorn-spotting, Pope-selecting, Peace-in-the-Middle-East-inducing oil. But it still smells like tires. And if I use it anywhere at all and then touch my hair by the end of the day I look like Johnny Depp after a week-long sauna. But I'm sure it's great for some people.

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Artsy Fartsy

I'm always on an endless quest for good art that is affordable. Evidently this is an oxymoron because I just heard a collective chortle from Chelsea (gallery owners totally chortle).

Someday maybe I'll drop a year of my offspring's college tuition on some arranged acrylic but for now I'm just an computer browser window shopper. Yeah, I'm too lazy to actually go to galleries but I do check the dimensions online so I can visualize the scale. That's totally the same thing, right?

Here's a few pieces I've been digging lately. And don't judge, I'm no Gallery Girl.

Jean-Claude Terrier via
I see a person standing in a doorway. I see machinations. I see dead people. OK not that last one.

Lindsay Cowles via
This painting is a departure from Lindsay's typically vibrant color palette, but I love how it looks like an aerial of NYC on a dreary day. Lindsay also will make prints in varying sizes of mostly (if not all) of her paintings. So this one really is relatively affordable- check out her site!

Chad Wys

The spray paint gives this a street art vibe & contrasts the oil paint of the original portrait. There's probably some social commentary in there somewhere, but I don't really feel like analyzing my subconscious right now.

Jose Lerma via
I don't know why, I just do.

Air Is Not Enough, Himitsuhana via
This is a print of a photograph. This chick looks boozy, I dig it.

If you've noticed my taste has been devolving- time to class it up again...

Untitled, Xavi Carbonell via
This painting inspired my entire Living With Style pinterest board for the 1st Dibs contest. I just love the color combinations.

Carlo Van de Roer via
Serenity now. For some reason that circle makes it feel not boring.

El Secreto, Maria Berrio via
This feels so Klimt, doesn't it?

Aaaaaannnnd, just because this is Riot for Design and because I know you can handle it:

Fuck You (That Gun Is Always Loaded), Trey Speegle via
Really, someone ought to start a kickstarter fund for me for this one.  

You know, it's funny. I would be perfectly fine hanging swear words on my wall but I still blush at the thought of nude paintings. What about you- where do you draw the line?
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1st Dibs

There's a contest where all you have to do is pin things and create fake rooms with an unlimited budget!?!! I already do this for $0 so I figured, why not? The contest is sponsored by 1st Dibs and the grand prize is $2000. 

So what if none of the things I pinned were less than $2000 (OK maybe the coasters)- if I win the grand prize, I'll just pick something else. It's not 1st Dibs' fault I have Hapsburg tastes. They're just my dealer... of dreams. If you haven't been to 1st Dibs yet, just clear the rest of your day because you'll be in a state of involuntary ecstasy; drooling, crying, fetal-position-because-the-furniture/jewelry/antiques/accessories-are-so-amazing-but-worth-more-than-BOTH-your-kidneys state, rendering you worthless to any family, friends or coworkers. It's some good shit.

Oh and YOU CAN ENTER TOO!  Just go here and enter by March 11th. Then we can debate whether we prefer French or Italian Art Deco...

Anyways, here's a taste from me to you. Wish me luck with the  contest! Oh and check out my Pinterest board for credits!


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