1st Dibs

There's a contest where all you have to do is pin things and create fake rooms with an unlimited budget!?!! I already do this for $0 so I figured, why not? The contest is sponsored by 1st Dibs and the grand prize is $2000. 

So what if none of the things I pinned were less than $2000 (OK maybe the coasters)- if I win the grand prize, I'll just pick something else. It's not 1st Dibs' fault I have Hapsburg tastes. They're just my dealer... of dreams. If you haven't been to 1st Dibs yet, just clear the rest of your day because you'll be in a state of involuntary ecstasy; drooling, crying, fetal-position-because-the-furniture/jewelry/antiques/accessories-are-so-amazing-but-worth-more-than-BOTH-your-kidneys state, rendering you worthless to any family, friends or coworkers. It's some good shit.

Oh and YOU CAN ENTER TOO!  Just go here and enter by March 11th. Then we can debate whether we prefer French or Italian Art Deco...

Anyways, here's a taste from me to you. Wish me luck with the  contest! Oh and check out my Pinterest board for credits!


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