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TV Update- Facts of Life

Dear Beth,

I'm a housemother at a Northeastern boarding school taking care of 4 high school girls in my home.  Each girl is starkly different and conveniently archetypal:  there's a shallow popular blonde, a mousy bookworm, a sexy tomboy and a Tootie.  However, we all share the common space and it could sorely use an update from its early-1980's beginnings!  We need enough seating for 5, shelving for books, plenty of surfaces for studying and complementary acoustics for my warbling.  Plus, it has to look good in case a young George Clooney happens to pop in.  I hear he's going to be a BFD someday.

Thanks in advance,

Edna Garrett

P.S.  I hear the HGTV show Design Star All-Stars is in the TV set update business as well.  I hope you don't disappoint.

HGTV recreated the Facts of Life set

Mrs. Garrett,

Tell HGTV's Design Star All Stars that the TV set update is so DONE... BY ME!  I've already rocked out the Three's Company set AND the Golden Girls set.  Not that I want to make this a real competition- the DSAS (Design Star All Stars) are all badass designers and we're not really playing on a level field:

What They have:
-Cija the carpenter
-the luxury of 3 dimensions

What I have:
-unlimited access and budget
-certain liberties with scale

So with that in mind, here's my update:

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Golden Girls Update

Dear Beth,

Please help me update my Miami home.  I am a retired schoolteacher sharing a home with two senior widows and my 90 year-old mother.  Despite our age, we lead very active, shoulder-padded lifestyles!  You could even say these are our "golden" years.  At any rate, the home is owned by my friend and roommate, Blanche, and well, it's a little too 80's now.  Please help us bring this room into the twenty-first century while still paying homage to our Miami lifestyle.

Dorothy Zbornak

Dorothy, I'm SO happy you wrote.  In fact, I've been waiting for your email.  Here it is, in all it's AARP-perfection!

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TV Design- Updated

Hi Beth!

My apartment could really use an update.  I haven't redecorated since the late 70's!  Here's the deal: I'm a man living with two female roommates in Santa Monica.  I'm a chef while my roommates are a florist and a secretary.  I like to entertain female guests often, but my uber-conservative landlord doesn't approve of men and women living together, so we had to tell him I'm gay.  Shhhh! Don't give my secret away!  Please help us update our living room for three single 30-somethings who love friends, good food and hilarious misunderstandings!

Jack (and Janet and Chrissy)

OK Jack.  Here you go!

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