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Hi Beth!

My apartment could really use an update.  I haven't redecorated since the late 70's!  Here's the deal: I'm a man living with two female roommates in Santa Monica.  I'm a chef while my roommates are a florist and a secretary.  I like to entertain female guests often, but my uber-conservative landlord doesn't approve of men and women living together, so we had to tell him I'm gay.  Shhhh! Don't give my secret away!  Please help us update our living room for three single 30-somethings who love friends, good food and hilarious misunderstandings!

Jack (and Janet and Chrissy)

OK Jack.  Here you go!

OK, so Jack Tripper may not have actually submitted this question, but if he had, here's how I would update the classic Three's Company living room.  In keeping with the original beachy California vibe, I wanted to keep things light and organic.  I started with the rug, playing up the peach and brown color scheme of the original room.  I added a rosewood console, which is a wood known for its richness and is associated with tropical climates.

The sofa loses its pattern for a much needed update, while the coffee table's gold base has a bit of a throwback vibe to it.  Since Janet was a florist, I knew we'd have to give her lots of vessels for her various plants, including these two ficus trees, the apothecary jars and gourd vases.  For Jack, I threw in the Jonathan Adler banana bud vase- a silly phallic touch.  Finally, I added a classic modern chair in a caramel-colored leather that can add a little swagger to any bachelor pad.

So there you go... what do you think?  Can you see Jack falling over the back of this sofa?

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Oh my god, this was hilarious and I absolutely love your update. I think Mr. and Mrs. Roper would approve too. :)

Beth said...

Thank you so much! :)

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