Spring Summer Cleaning

Now that Summer has (un)officially started, I decided it was finally time to begin my Spring cleaning!

This is the time of year where I find out that I'm still not 5 lbs. skinnier like I always imagine I'll be at the beginning of bathing suit season.  Nevertheless, I squeeze my thighs into my favorite pair of very unforgiving, non-stretch white jeans because goddammit it's white pants season... and I also go through my closets to clean some shit out and make way for some new shit.

I live in a loft with one closet, so I value closet space like Republicans value oil.  I also got married a month ago!  So when my husband and I got crap loads of classy wedding gifts, I knew this year would be a doozie for Spring cleaning.  To start, I decided to reorganize our Ikea Expedit shelves and get rid of some books Jon and I pretend to have read because the titles sound smart but we really just got them from the Daily Show free shelf:

Pile o'unread books and travel guides from 2003.

Sonic Boom: a real page-turner

Spring Cleaning is also the time to get rid of clothes you haven't worn in at least a year (or 5), right?  I think I'm finally able to say goodbye to a suede halter top I've had since sophomore year in college.  Yes, folks, that's right.  Suede.  Halter top.  Who on earth would make such a garment?

So here's this blog too, Riot for Design.  I've had a lot of ideas accumulating in my head, like to the point where my brain could be an entire Hoarders episode.  I need to clear that shit out and put it in writing.  And hopefully I'll find some hidden treasures up there to dazzle and delight you, fair reader(s).

So you might be wondering, where the eff are the after pics from the apartment (and how the hell can "suede halter top" and "design" appear in the same blog) but I'm still a little self-conscious about showing the afters cause I'm not quite finished.  Not that I'm making excuses but I'm on painkillers right now because I ran a half marathon last night at midnight and, unfathomably, tripped in the dark and skidded across concrete.  Soooooooo I didn't get as much cleaning done today as I'd hoped.

Aw man this doesn't look nearly as badass as I had hoped...

I shall surely keep you posted on my progress and post some after pics soon!

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