Ode to Jimmy Choo

(sung to the tune of Aerosmith's Janie's Got A Gun- you know you know)

Jimmy's got a cold
Jimmy's got a cold
He said a'Choo, now that's the one
Cause saying shoe's just not as fun
What does her husband do?
And can I get an I.O.U?
If I steal them I'll get arrested
But without 'em I'm just a plain Jane (yeah yeah yeah)
Now that Janie's got them pumps
I'm so jealous I could go insane

Run away, run away from the pain yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Run away from the pain yeah yeah

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Kasey said...

Beth, this made me laugh out loud in my cube and now my coworkers think I'm even more weird. It also makes me miss you!!!!

Beth said...

Awww, I miss you too! I'm glad to see other people appreciating my combination of 90's rock w/ designer shoe fashion!

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