TV Update- Facts of Life

Dear Beth,

I'm a housemother at a Northeastern boarding school taking care of 4 high school girls in my home.  Each girl is starkly different and conveniently archetypal:  there's a shallow popular blonde, a mousy bookworm, a sexy tomboy and a Tootie.  However, we all share the common space and it could sorely use an update from its early-1980's beginnings!  We need enough seating for 5, shelving for books, plenty of surfaces for studying and complementary acoustics for my warbling.  Plus, it has to look good in case a young George Clooney happens to pop in.  I hear he's going to be a BFD someday.

Thanks in advance,

Edna Garrett

P.S.  I hear the HGTV show Design Star All-Stars is in the TV set update business as well.  I hope you don't disappoint.

HGTV recreated the Facts of Life set

Mrs. Garrett,

Tell HGTV's Design Star All Stars that the TV set update is so DONE... BY ME!  I've already rocked out the Three's Company set AND the Golden Girls set.  Not that I want to make this a real competition- the DSAS (Design Star All Stars) are all badass designers and we're not really playing on a level field:

What They have:
-Cija the carpenter
-the luxury of 3 dimensions

What I have:
-unlimited access and budget
-certain liberties with scale

So with that in mind, here's my update:

sofa / rug / wallpaper / coffee table / herringbone chair / leopard chair  / plaid pillows / art / picture light / bookcase / side tables / lamps / roller skate

My goal with this update was to stay true to the traditional, Northeast prep school vibe, while adding in some fun, vibrant accents.  I kept the light blue walls with white molding motif of the original set (as it appeared in the later seasons), however I chose a preppy striped wallpaper.  I added a bespoke herringbone wool side chair and some tartan plaid accent pillows for that I-wanna-go-Ivy-League look.

There was a lot of woods used on the set, so I kept that vibe going with the flooring and bookcase.

The pink coffee table is functional but also a fun pop of color and ties in the youthful art, featuring birds & bees.  Those are the facts of life, right; the birds and the bees?  Finally, a gold roller skate sculpture sits on the coffee table, an homage to Tootie, who will surely be making use of the wood floors.

And here are the HGTV updates:

Leslie Ezelle & Tom Vecchione

Hilari Younger & Dan Vickery

What do you think, Blaire, Joe, Natalie, Tootie and Mrs. Garrison?  Which set will bring George Clooney a-knocking?

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