Hot Pink

This post makes the necessary assumption that everyone wants a little hot pink and lucite (or acrylic, or glass) in their life.  After seeing pics like these, I'm totally on board:



The problem is, not all hot pink & clear is made equal.  Lucite is crazy expensive, while acrylic and glass offer more affordable alternatives.  So I decided to round up some of my faves, and put them in their appropriate economic class bracket based on recent popular socio-political syntax.  In the 1%?  Perhaps I can interest you in an original Yves Klein Coffee Table, no longer in production and frequently listed for $20,000.

Too rich for your blood?  Perhaps you find yourself among the 53% that may still command the interest of Mitt Romney... go for an Alexandra Von Furstenberg Desk (price upon request, you know what that means), a hot pair of the Christian Louboutin Illusion Pumps for $795, or this amazing Fiona Kotur Clutch for $395.

Still suffering from pricetag shock? Maybe you're in the 47%, or just running low on your hot pink and lucite funds (it happens to the best of us sometimes)... how about this AVF Acrylic Candy Bowl for $178 or this AVF Flower Vase for $268?

Still a no?  Fear not, 99%!  Hot Pink and Lucite is all about equality.  Get yourself the Oops She Did It Again Necklace for $48, a Lucite Tray from C Wonder for $98 or a Vintage Lucite Bracelet from Etsy for $38!

Now you have no excuse.   Riot On!

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