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Florence and the Machine performed on the show last night.  I'm a big fan of their music and have a huge girl crush on lead singer Florence Welch.  She's the coolest ginger I know.  And that's saying a lot considering Amy Adams was ALSO on the show last night.

I adore Florence's style; it perfectly reflects her music to the point where I swear I wasn't surprised to see what she looked like because I felt like I already knew.  Her look is "Boho Glam" and I think she must have sold her soul to the vintage devil because everything she wears looks one-of-a-kind and nothing short of precious.  Here's a few shots of Flo (once you've looked through ALL of her Facebook photos, you get to call her Flo) and her iconic style:

I snuggle cats, Florence snuggles statues

But then, put this lady on stage, and she glams out with her gams out.  Her stage style absolutely BLOWS ME AWAY, like, every time.  She glows on stage and if that sounds creepy, then sorry.  She does though.

Alex Noble Cape sketch

Alex Noble cape
Another shot of cape in all it's eye-gushing glory

When in Japan...

This dress is by Alice Temperely.  I'll bet they talk on the phone.

I told you she glows

My absolute, all-time favorite stage outfit of hers, however, was her deco dress for her Shake It Out performance on Saturday Night Live:


I just want to dye my hair red, put on all her clothes at once and shuffle around my apartment with the extra 6" of hems dragging.

Does Flo Riot for Design?

Hell Yeah!

Riot on, Flo!

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