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Sorry for the lack of posting over the past couple days.  Life has been demanding me in non-blogging ways.  This week I'm a single mom.  "Single" in that Jon is out of town and "mom" to a very demanding white cat.

Also, I'm getting to the height of my Chicago marathon training.  I'm running in the sweaty, moldy sun for HOURS people.  Cut me some slack.

And on that note... WHAT, IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE FALL NOW?!!!  Labor Day was 90 degrees and yet we're all supposed to wake up on September 4th and go, 'OK now onto Fall, let's buy some wool!'

Let me think about the absolute last thing I want to be wearing right now:

Vince Stretch Leather Jeans

I just sweat out my body weight last night.  And maybe when it's actually Fall, as in when Fall Solstice happens in 3 WEEKS, I'll be drooling over these super hot Vince pants, but not now.  I'm tired, sweaty and ankles deep in cat food.



Last night I was inspired to try on bathing suits in my apartment while watching the Real Housewives of New York flaunt their C-sections and skin flaps in St. Barth's:

This is where my mind is at right now.  I'll start thinking about Fall when I can leave the apartment without feeling the hot sweaty embrace of Mother Nature.

Riot on!
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