Cawfee Tawk with Flo Rida

This post is like The View, except instead of gabbing with a cast of 4 ever-rotating screechy estro-egos of nondescript age and political affiliation, we're going to coffee klatch about actual coffee tables... with Flo Rida.

What kind of coffee tables does Flo Rida like?

Low Low Low Low Low Low Low

This is way more fun than The View. 

You see, I just bought a new sectional sofa that is oh-so-cool in a loungy type of way. I feel like a gangsta 4 life as I watch The Biggest Loser. The only problem is, my current coffee table just doesn't catch the vibe. I need to go low.

Here's the design explanation: Contrast is very appealing to the eyes. Because my loft has nice high ceilings, the best way to highlight this feature is to show them off. Draw the eye up and down- see! so much space WOW! Our wall-to-ceiling Ikea Expedit shelves to a great job of drawing the eye up, and our new sofa stays low to the ground, creating this cool contrast. The coffee table needs to go with the flow. It's simply another way to play with proportions to create an exciting and appealing visual.

Here are some examples:




See what I mean? You gotta go low to get high, isn't that right Flo-Rida?

Here is a round-up of my fave low riders for Chez Benson:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

1. Siren Coffee Table- 10" height, $599

2. Origami Coffee Table- 15" height, $599

3. Tom Dixon Flash Square, Circle, and Rectangle- 12" height, $995 (for square), 15.7" height, $715 (for circle), 19.7" height, $525 (for rectangle)

4. Knoll Krusin- 10" height, $2797

As you can tell by the prices, low does not mean slumming. What do you think? Which type works best with the new sofa?


Tell me what you think!

Riot on,

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