Auctions are my form of Gambling

Eff the NCAA tournament and the endearingly indifferent homosexual who won your office pool. Don't waste your time on Poker, or Blackjack, or Roulette, or Russian Roulette, or Chat Roulette or any other type of Roulette that has an entry in Urban Dictionary.

Instead, check out LiveAuctioneers! It's my new Atlantic City.

I've never taken to gambling, but I LOVE the drama of an auction. I've never been to one in person, though I've had my auction bidding strategy plan in place ever since I was a kid watching 80's sitcoms with the obligatory auction episode  (Did the fast-talking auctioneer and arcane bidding conventions trick you into accidentally high-bidding on the bazillion dollar naked lady sculpture? Cue canned laugher!).

Truth is, the real reason I've never been to a live auction is more so because they're typically held in sad hotel conference rooms than any fear of accidental purchase. LiveAuctioneers is incredible because it takes the sad conference room out of the auction, and inserts your pajamas, laptop and favorite couch. Yes, it's an online service that allows you to bid live on auctions held all over the country and world. But it's not Ebay, which is entirely online and has therefore formulated its own unique auction rules. LiveAuctioneers is more like absentee bidding- placing you right in the middle of the action with a live tracker so you can see bids coming in from the auction real time.

Even better? The selection is very appealing and the starting prices are like gateway drugs. 

So far I bid (and lost) on these at their starting price of $50:
They would have been cool- they sold for $125.

And I really wanted to bid on this, which, in order to appreciate the scale, I must tell you is about 5ft wide by 4ft tall:

But evidently my husband doesn't share my taste in art. And he didn't take too much to my proclamation that he would "get used to it."

But you love it, right? RIGHT?!!!

Starting bid was $150, I believe it sold for $275. Now the fucked up horse belongs to someone else :(

Now that I've tested the waters, I don't think there's any going back for me. I'm in too deep. I'm already eyeing some other cool things, but I'm not telling you fools! Go check it out for yourself
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