I just impulse bought a couch

That's what I do.

I pour over couches for months (YEARS!) without making a decision. I go from wanting something vintage to something traditional to something ultra-contemporary. But never modern. Meanwhile I've endured the inherent homelessness a freebie couch under a way-more-shabby-than-chic dropcloth, asking my husband to stand up in the middle of Game of Thrones so I can re-center the ever-uncentering fabric. And then one day it's Tuesday and POOF! I have a new couch on the way.

It's sort of what I always wanted in the way a couch on sale is sorta like the $10,000 one from ABC Home that I visit in the showroom more often than I visit my parents.

The "chosen one" is from West Elm. And I never tested it out. I didn't go see it in the store or take swatches home or even note what the fabric is. The cardinal rules of sofa purchasing are finite and unwavering and yet I broke them all. How I got to this devil-may-care attitude might have something to do with the fact that I got an $1800 couch for less than $500 or maybe I was just so full of upholstery self-hatred that I could bear it no longer. Or perhaps I have spent too many hours circling an oval track at 10k pace over the past few months and I miss my design blog.

I need to come back!

Oh yeah, so about the couch... It's a sectional which will do a great job of visually dividing my loft and the color is neutral because I always change my mind about color before I can ever get around to committing to it. Now I just need a new coffee table because this is a low couch which means I need a low coffee table for all my friends in low places. And then a tall floor lamp. YES!

Sure, things might not work out with the couch, but couches always grow back. Oh no wait, that's hair. But you might as well take risks in design because you're bound to make mistakes anyway and it's stupid to live in paralyzing couch fear for as long as I have. This style, the Baxter, gives me some flexibility which is peace of mind. I can purchase different pieces if I decide I don't like this shape. Or slipcover this badboy if (when) it gets stained or I want a color or pattern.

It's not coming for a couple weeks, but I'll take some pics once I get it settled.

In the meantime, help me pick out a new coffee table that is equally low! Have you seen my Pinterest board on coffee tables? It's called "Coffee talk" get it?! Haha! Sooooo funny, see I work in comedy.

Riot on,

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