Sofa King

So remember how I impulse bought a new couch?!!!

Well that kinda fell through 

but it might have been for the better

I'm not going to say West Elm was cunty, 


I'm going to imply it. 

They cancelled our order for one of two reasons, both of which they claimed at separate times: 1) the sofa was back-ordered too long and the wait didn't meet their standards (despite the couch still listed on their website for sale) and/or 2) the price was an error so corporate made them cancel the order (despite a previous call we received from West Elm customer service stating they would honor the price despite the mistake)

Needless to say, I wasn't cool with this explanations (plural)- but where the Lord fucketh me over by closing one door, he un-fucketh me over by opening a window. That's how that saying goes, right?

The Huz and I tag-teamed the West Elm customer service line and got them to give us a 35% discount off a new couch, any couch, that could stack with their current 25% off everything sale, amounting to approximately 50% off. So we chose a different layout and fabric of the same style sectional: the Baxter. 

The new configuration will hopefully suit us better and only ended up costing a couple hundred dollars extra. We could have told West Elm to go eff themselves, but we still had Pottery Barn gift credit from our wedding and seeing as they're the same company, we'd have to buy something from these fools at some point.

The Baxter in Ink Blue Velvet

So what's my status with West Elm right now? It's complicated. It'll help a lot if the couch is awesome in person.

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