Back from Thailand!

I'm back from Thailand!!!

The view from our Bangkok hotel room... crazy Vegas

After an amazing 2 week honeymoon I am completely exhausted and overwhelmed by what we saw and experienced, but also happy to be home again.  I'm also feeling very zen today, so sorry in advance if this post seems uncharacteristically nice...

Right now I'm amped up on Red Bull to get over the jet lag.  Did I miss anything big while I was gone?  I swear over the past 2 weeks all the restaurants in my neighborhood changed their signs, names and ethnic cuisines.  Or maybe that's just the Red Bull talking.

At any rate, I have so many ideas for new posts including over 1,000 honeymoon pictures and you will see EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Just kidding, a lot of them were crap.  But I'll share the good ones as soon as I sort through all of them.  Here's a preview:

Until then I'm going to channel my inner-Buddhist and reflect on how lucky I am to have the resources and opportunity to travel.  Being from NYC, it's easy to feel poor.  I feel poor all the time.  But being in Thailand and seeing so many happy people living with so much less, I started to feel guilty.  And really, that's what honeymoons are all about, right?  Just kidding, but I do think that travel has an amazing ability to put things into perspective and remind us that there is more to life than buying the things on our Pinterest boards.  I don't think Thai people even have Pinterest.  Profound.

So in an effort to impart some of my new-found wisdom and enlighten ye, I have put together a handy dandy guide to whether or not you are rich.  Whenever you are feeling sorry for yourself because you are so unfortunate, unlucky and/or poor, please refer to this guide before saying something along the lines of "I'm so poor!"  Keep in mind this is not exhaustive.  In fact, if you have any more to add, do so in the comments!

Am I Rich?

-If you have ever had traveller's diarrhea you're fucking rich so shut up.


-If you have ever suffered an injury while partaking in the following activities: skiing, SCUBA diving, rock-climbing, surfing, polo, golf, para-sailing, bungee-jumping, any type of extreme jumping or fake flying, you're fucking rich so shut up.


-If you have ever ruined a piece of clothing because it was dry-clean only, you're fucking rich so shut up.


-If you are concerned that your mattress is past its recommended lifespan, you're fucking rich so shut up.

-If you have ever paid someone to, partially OR wholly, add or remove body parts in a non-essential capacity, you're fucking rich so shut up.

-If you have ever engaged in a conversation about the pros and cons of various airports and/or airline carriers, you're fucking rich so shut up.  


-If you lament the inadequate count of threads in your sheets, you're fucking rich so shut up.


-If you're pissed off because your company doesn't match your 401k contribution, you're fucking rich so shut up.


-If you have ever gotten sunburned as a result of lying in the sun for the express purpose of sunning yourself, you're fucking rich so shut up.


-If you have ever said something along the lines of, "I don't want (insert ethnic cuisine) because I had that for lunch" you're fucking rich so shut up.


-If you drink Diet Coke you're fucking rich so shut up.

This doctrine is as much for me as it is for all of you.  I believe it is the key to a happier, more zen-like existence.  What do you think?

P.S.  I guess I wasn't too nice after all.  You can take the girl out of New York...
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