Christmas in July

Sunglasses  / Bikini / Camera Strap / Camera / Brass Urchins / Purse / Notebook / Nailpolish / MacBook Pro

Season's Greetings!  Christmas is 5 months away, it's dog's breath hot outside and there's not an It-toy in sight, so what better time to break out the peppermint schnapps, crank up the Nat King Cole and make a Christmas list?

Here's what I'm asking Santa for- hopefully he'll be checking email:

  • A hot new bathing suit and not-so-matching sunglasses

  • An upgraded DSLR camera with an equally badass sequin camera strap so I can continue to improve my photography skillz while looking awesome

  • Decorative brass urchins, duh

  • A portable purse in a poppy color

  • A travel notebook, because one of these days I'm totally going to keep a travel journal

  • A little finger candy a la Essie in color Mojito Madness

  • Last and most importantly: the new MacBook Pro.  I NEED THIS. Come on Santa baby. My blog readers need me to get a new computer so I can continue to provide nostalgic amusement through increasingly complex Adobe programs that are too large for my 5 year-old, plain, boring, just regular blah MacBook!

Tell me, what are YOU asking Santa, or the Hanukkah Armadillo, for on this (second) Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

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The Huz said...

Santa's working on it. And technically it's the Holiday Armadillo.

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