Congratulations Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

So I don't normally talk about work on this blog, but today I can't help it.  The 2012 Emmy nominations are in and our show has been nominated for the category of Outstanding Variety Series!

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate my colleagues and friends who work on this show- I am constantly amazed at how much talent we have on our staff.  Out of all the craptastic TV shows out there, I'm so lucky to get to work for a GOOD, GREAT, AWESOME SHOW!!!

All Photos Lloyd Bishop/NBC via

I worked on this fake movie poster for the show.  I even shot the photo that is used in the background- it's from Greenpoint.  Just so you know, I totally work on this show. 

Oh yeah, and if you don't already know, my husband works for another show nominated in the same category that has won 8 times in a row.  So yeah, blah, congrats Daily Show for yet another Emmy nomination.  Booooring.
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V. Frangoulis said...

Congrats Bethy! You're my inspiration in the life switch up! All the hard work always pays off.

Beth said...

Thanks, Victoria! I think I'm always going to be switching things up!

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