Chicago Marathon

My marathon is this weekend.  It'll be my 4th marathon.

I'm really scared about this one.  I can't remember if I was scared about the other ones.  That's what happens when you run 1 marathon a year.  You forget.  You forget how much time it takes to prepare. You forget how 20 mile runs on Saturdays devour your weekends Honey BooBoo style.  You forget how it took 2 weeks to feel like you could walk normal again after the race.  You forget that you'll have to kiss pedicures goodbye because no one deserves to have to touch your black toenails that hang from their digits by flimsy and scientifically-unidentifiable toenail threads.  You forget because you signed up nine months ago because otherwise it would sell out.

A lot can happen in the time when you sign up all Oh-I'll-be-ready-to-start-training-when-the-time-comes! and when that time comes.  I've had the most joyous, scary, exciting, frustrating and confusing summer: I went on my honeymoon, I had two family members in the hospital, my job at work got a whole lot busier AND, oh yeah, I started this part-time job blog.  Somehow I managed to run too, but not with the same focus and excitement as in years passed.  So I have no idea what to expect this time.

I could look like this:

Or I could look like this:

You have no idea how much guts it takes to post this photo.

Either way, there's always something to be said for not giving up, right?  And getting to eat like a rescued castaway on a daily basis.

Wish me luck!

P.S. My Project Runway post will be late- I haven't even had time to watch it yet.

P.P.S. Stay tuned for a fun Chicago post next week!  I have some other things planned :)

Riot on.

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