Jury Duty

Sorry I know I suck at this "posting regularly" thing lately...

I've been selected for Grand Jury Duty and am now halfway through my 2 week sentence service.  If you think I'm being dramatic by likening my service to jail time, keep in mind we even have a Jury Warden.

At any rate, spending 2 weeks on a jury is kind of like getting put in the Real World house with every person from your morning subway ride.  It's an interesting group of people.  Thankfully unlike the Real World we don't tend to dwell on our differences; we all share the common bond of drawing the fuzzy-ass end of the civil service lollipop.  Also unlike the Real World, there are no hot tubs at the Courthouse.  At least not on our floor.

But back to my endless array of excuses.  The day is both tedious and emotionally draining at the same time.  I just haven't felt all "ooh look at these amazing drapes!" lately.  I promise I'll get my textile mojo back, but maybe not until the week after next.

And NO, I haven't heard any hair perm murder cases (yet).

Immonium thygocolate was the case that they gave me

Until next time, Riot for me
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