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The updates to the blog are complete and I couldn't be happier with the result!  What do you think?  Tell me how much you love it because you totally do.  All the awesomeness that is the new RfD is thanks Little Blue Deer Design.  I worked with Shari and she took my ideas of "simple, chic, not too cute" and made them come true.  And she gave me revolvers.


I needed all the help I could get!  I like design and pretty things but when it comes to the internet, I'm like Tai from the beginning of Clueless:

Help me.  I no speaky HTML.

I couldn't do it on my own.  I needed Alicia Silverstone to swoop me up and make me pretty and say things like "As if!"

Shari from Little Blue Deer Design did just that- well except for the "As if" part, but that wouldn't have been helpful actually.  She basically just said, "Yes, I do know how to do that."

The best part was that she was the complete opposite of this:

So if you're looking for a web designer who is cool, responsive, affordable and fast to take your own blog or website to the next level definitely contact Shari at Little Blue Deer!

She'll hook it up.

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