Claire Basler

Today my internet ambling brought me to French artist Claire Basler's website and I was immediately in awe of her impressionistic, naturalistic artwork.

Her work includes paintings and drawings, as well as textiles and pottery of primarily natural subjects; flowers, grasses, trees and bodies of water.  



However what really blew me away were the photos of her home and workshop.  This is one lady in the place with style and grace!  Seeing her work in the context of its scale really makes it come to life.  I love how she often chooses to paint on screens and panels, almost as if she were creating wallpaper.  The styling of her workshop also reflects the moody, ethereal and romantic aesthetic of her work:

all images via

Now I want to learn French just so I can tell her how much je l'aime (yeah I totally had to look that up, so what?).

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