Bipartisan Interiors

So the dust has settled, America has voted and now it's time for me to make some laughably loose connections between American politics and Interior Design.

Traditional design and contemporary design are as far apart on the design spectrum as Repubs & Dems are in the political arena.  However, there's a place for both aesthetics and we all fall somewhere in between in our own personal preferences.  Assuming our ultimate goal is righteous design, there's really no right or wrong way to go about it.

The best design reflects aspects of both design aesthetics- alternately working with and against one another to create drama and harmony.  In the below images, notice the artful combination of flat tax wainscoting with marriage equality light fixtures. One might not be able to imagine such contrasts co-existing in one room, but it works.  See what we can accomplish if we all work together people?!!!  Traditional spaces + contemporary furnishings = balanced design.

Feel free to forward this to your local Congressman or woman.

Riot on!

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