Hukk Yes!

Have you heard of Hukkster?  It will soon be your new best friend, trust me.  It's a website that keeps track of all your shopping crushes and notifies you when they go on sale.

It's got one of those nifty bookmark buttons, so when you discover something amazing like this dress:

from Free People, you "hukk it" because you're not about to spend $600 on it, even if it will solve all your life's problems, straighten your teeth and grant you total consciousness on your deathbed.  

SO, when this dress goes on sale (and it will, I tell myself), Hukkster will send you an email immediately.  No wrist slitting because this dress DID go on sale, but you didn't find out until your size SOLD OUT.

So check out Hukkster if you like life.  It's just that simple.

Riot on!
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