Office Space UPDATE

It's time. After talking about it for ages, Jon and I have finally decided to stop the eye stabbing that is his office area. 

I am so excited to re-design the space and finally make it functional and attractive! Plus, the new area will be for BOTH of us, so I'll be gaining a workspace. The area has to work for both of us- not too masculine or feminine and I'll shoot myself if it looks like a traditional office space. I quit corporate America because of cubicles, people.

Here's some befores.  You'll notice we've already got the new desks in place but everything else is going:

Out with the old, on with the new...

12 / 3 / 4

New and Improved:

Project Breakdown:

Striped Walls- $50
Elbow grease people!  I'm doing this with paint. Random stripes of differing widths. Fifty bucks should cover all the supplies.

Parsons Desks- $200
Craigslist, suckers!!!  We got these TWO desks for $200.  TOTAL.  These desks are $350 each new from West Elm.  Plus ours used to live in a fashion designer's office. So they're cool, even if they think I look fat.

Restoration Hardware Chair- $800
I got this chair as a birthday gift last June for my tall drink o'water.  He's worth it.  But it was on sale, and the $800 included B.S. shipping costs which can be a deal breaker at RH.

Alma Brass Chair- $400
As previously blogged about here, I got this beaute por moi from one of my favorite local furniture stores, Organic Modernism. The Alma Brass is usually $600 but this was a floor piece and the owners must think I'm special because they sold it to me for 33% off.

Bronze Pharmacy Lamps- $250
I bought these lamps from Furbish, a cute Raleigh homewares store that I've never visited in person.  Luckily, they have a nice online biznass going on.  The lamps retail for $175 each but a few months ago they were doing this Refinery29 deal where you pay $120 and get a $240 credit.  But shipping was an uncool $50. 

Triple Tiered Pendant Lamps- $120
I don't plan on doing any electrical work on my rental, so I opted for some pendants for overhead lighting.  These bronzed beauties are from Urban Outfitters and were a thrifty $60 each.
Spinny Cabinet- $600
This Joe Colombo-inspired cabinet is perfect for my hubbie's random crap that I don't want to look at.  Instead I'll get to look at this fun and functional piece. Win-win. AND I get 15% off by pinning this bad boy on Pinterest.  So much more affordable than the vintage one I found on 1st Dibs!

Neon Lucite Frames (4)- $64
Love these hotties from Urban Outfitters.  They add a cool pop of neon.

Custom Acrylic Tray- $75
I've seen a bunch of options for custom acrylic trays on Etsy that look like this one, currently sold out from C. Wonder.  I actually hope to order one closer to the neon pink in the picture frames.  Plus, this one was too big and I'm still annoyed with C. Wonder.

Acrylic Storage Shelf- fuhree
This storage shelf is $70 but I have a gift card.  Eff yeah.

The framed artwork is actually a textile by Japanese designer Mina Perhonen.  I love the whimsical pattern and think such a thoughtful design deserves framing and daily admiration.  Plus, textiles are a super affordable option for large-scale artwork.  I don't know how much it costs because I don't think it's sold in the U.S.  However, Bird in Williamsburg carries this label, so I'm hoping to enlist their help to track it down.  IT SHALL BE MINE.

The frame is going to have to be a found piece, I think.  So I don't know how much it'll cost but if you've noticed a trend, I'm cheap.  I won't spend more than $200.  

There's some more random accessories, but I'm not holding myself to those.  I'm feeling some burl wood or tortoiseshell.
TOTAL= around $2600

This doesn't include a storage piece- some sort of cabinet.  This could be a total budget buster, but I'm leaving my options open because you never know when a flea market or Craigslist will pull through.

Check back for updates.  Wish us luck!
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Anonymous said...

Excellent decoration of office,it would be inspired to other designers.

Nikki Benz said...
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Angela Dela Cruz said...

"I quit corporate America because of cubicles, people." - Hahaha. That was hilarious! But yeah, cubicles can be constricting sometimes. Anyway, the space looks great. Is it done by now? Hope to see the end results. - Angela

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