Beth's Misfit Christmas Wish List

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Now that it's officially holiday season, I'm sure you all need to see another wishlist like you need another cold sore (remember my Christmas in July wishlist?!). But mine's way better because no one wants any of these things. Except me. AND I SERIOUSLY WANT THEM (would I ever lie to you?). This list is from the Island of Misfit Gifts and I love it and I'll be really really jealous if I know you and I see you with any of these things.

Here's what I want for Christmas:

1. An iPhone cover that precedes me with an impossibly high bar
2. A dinosaur eating fried chicken ring
3. A bowtie so I can continue to dress like a man with boobs
4. A 26 lb. gummy bear that is meant for parties but would be just for me
5. A convertible shrug/scarf thingy that's cool, except I would wear it in some form every single day
6. A gold resin shark
7. Screw you slippers- for all the Screw University alums out there
8. Champagne... in a CARRYING CASE. Like a boozy superhero who is desperate for friends
9. The perfect combo of two things I love: French crap and Notorious BIG

AND finally,

10. MORE RfD FOLLOWERS! But not in a culty sort of way... well sort of in a culty sort of way. Like a cult of people who like design and humor and fried chicken and dinosaurs but who don't necessarily shave their heads or commit mass suicide. That sounds like a cult I'd be happy to lead. So follow me by subscribing to my RSS feed or by clicking Join this Site (you can sign up with one of your pre-existing gmail/facebook/twitter accounts). It's a gift that is FREE- probably the last time I'll ask you for a free gift so you're welcome.

Merry December!  Riot on.

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